About CHX

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CHX has two parts to the business, inextricably linked by both our Values and our Clients:

CHX Performance is a Leadership Development and Cultural Change consultancy that works with businesses to improve performance through experiential learning events and interactive workshop-style seminars. We believe that a business can change its culture regarding health and wellbeing as a vehicle for improved performance. CHX Performance programmes are designed to be the critical foundation for achieving such change. 

CHX Challenge works with businesses, individuals and partner charities to create unique mountain fundraising events all aimed at raising as much money as possible for our chosen causes. 

Our business is founded on a belief that living is about doing, that learning should be interactive and experienced, that change is something we can sustain more easily if we do it with others and that inspiration is key to success. 

CHX Performance

CHX have created a unique programme that puts optimum human performance at the heart of improved business performance.  Comprised of 4 pillars – Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Environment – the programme enables participants to take control of their Personal Eco-System.  It is about helping people maximise mental performance by improving the conditions within which our brains function and focusing people on opportunities rather than simply looking at the personal and business risks presented by poor health. 

Put simply: “What could I achieve if...?” 

We work with the current and future leadership tiers: executive and senior management teams, groups of high performers and groups of high potentials.  The optimum human performance programmes blend high-impact experiential events in the mountains with highly interactive seminars run in a series over a number of weeks to take the learning to the wider employee community.

Our programmes are based on the latest scientific research findings, with the content designed and delivered by our world-leading team of experts and translated into fun, interactive, digestible information that can be used in practice.  The programmes enable each individual to take what they need and then commit to change in areas that they feel they want to improve.

Arguably what is most important is that CHX bring all 4 pillars together in one place, so that we can talk about the single science of human performance.  This gives each participant clarity around how the individual sciences impact each other, ensuring the overall impact of each incremental change.  

For example, did you know?

  • Nutrition, environment and exercise all impact our sleep quality
  • Sleep, exercise and environmental all impact our food choices
  • Sleep, nutrition and environment all impact our exercise quality
  • All of them directly determine how our brain is able to function and therefore how our mind functions

CHX Challenge

We work with a variety of charities to design and deliver unique, tailored mountain fundraising challenges set in the extraordinary environment of Chamonix Mont-Blanc.  All the challenges are based on two feet and on mountain trails, so there is no need for technical skills or a bike!  All you need is a degree of fitness, a love of challenge and a desire to spend a few days at a time in an extraordinary environment, all with the aim of raising as much money as possible for the chosen charity.

CHX Challenge is about running incredible events at rates way less than commercial “holiday” rates.  This means our charity partners can maximise on fundraising and our participants can have the experience of a lifetime (and even a bit of luxury!)

We design multi-day trails staying hut-to-hut across the alps, or out-and-back multi-day chalet-based events from the Chamonix valley. Either way, your every need is covered, the guiding is the best in the World and the experience is one that will last in the memory for as long as you have one (see CHX Performance!)

* Some of our corporate clients combine both of the above programmes and have a comprehensive learning event that also includes a challenge.  The team bond created by such an experience can be extraordinary.