Our Values

The great thing about being an experiential and highly interactive business, is that our Values are constantly on display.  These are what we believe and how we live our lives, both at work and at home.


We believe in getting as much out of life as possible. In order to do that we need to challenge ourselves. Our health and how we manage and fuel our brain is key and we can create and maximise opportunity if we can get control. If we get it right we can enjoy a quality of life at work and at home that is hard to imagine.  


The greatest gift we can have in life is choice and whatever choice you make, let it be an informed one. When it comes to the brain, body and mind you need full information based on current science.  We provide it and we leave you to choose how you use it. If you are reading this you probably already have the privilege of some choices... so choose!


CHX are committed to helping people make and sustain real changes based on hard facts.  Why should anyone just accept the status quo?  The World is evolving at an enormous rate and it is incumbant upon us to predict or adapt to constant change if we want to succeed. CHX don’t accept “this is what I am”, we live by “this is what I could be” and CHX try to inspire all clients to sustain changes that they may want to make, always on hand to answer questions as they arise.  


Giving is at the core of our being; not just being available at all times to our clients, but also to those who don’t have our quality of life, don’t have choices and often battle when it comes to making changes.  Every fulltime member of the CHX team gives their time and knowledge voluntarily to charitable work and we help our clients to do the same. However small it may seem, we do what we can.