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CHX experiential events are all about learning by doing, living with experts, and embedding a new approach to the 4 pillars that support optimum human performance.  The aim is simple; to develop the leadership team's knowledge of how to take control of personal performance more effectively, and to ignite a desire to make simple but significant change across the business.   

The programme is focussed on the 4 pillars all coming together– Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise and Environment.  Living with the CHX team, the event is carefully designed to minimise “seminar” time and maximise discussion and practical in all areas.  Alison works with our chef to prepare all meals, discussing what and why we are eating specific foods, Charlotte will talk with the group about sleep and will provide 1-2-1 analysis for those who need it.  We walk on the mountain trails giving the group constant access to the CHX team, and discuss exercise and how it can be used or abused, depending on personal goals.

All the time we are in the most stunning and inspiring environment of the Mont Blanc Massif, discussing the latest research into how our immediate surroundings affect mental performance, and experiencing first-hand the unique bond that group physical activity can instil.  

Our aims

To give each individual the knowledge to make informed lifestyle choices that directly impact work and life performance.

To share the knowledge in an immersive environment that inspires and enables commitment to sustained change.

To unite groups of colleagues behind common performance goals, supporting each other to achieve more.  


The CHX approach to food is simple and is based on enjoying healthy, balanced, tasty food.  Food is critical to mental function but there are many traps that people fall into through simple errors.  Most people are aware of protein, fats and carbohydrates, the dangers of sugar and the need to reduce caffeine and alcohol (for many).  But often we consider our diets only in terms of how we look, getting balance wrong and leaving ourselves short at key times of day.  If you eat for maximised mental function, your health and body weight will naturally readjust to optimum. With CHX you will learn exactly how good that can taste.


Sleep is possibly the most important and least recognised contributor to mental performance of all four pillars, which is why it is at the heart of our programmes. It is treated by many with varying degrees of disdain, despite being the most critical “event” in our working day. It is the time that our body and mind recover and regenerate. Sleep is critical to business performance and just a few days of less than 6 hours per night can result in seriously impaired concentration, attention, judgement, decision-making and memory. And that is all before we consider the mid to long term health implications!


Exercise is like a prescription drug; use it wisely or it can be hugely damaging.  There are of course great benefits from exercise at low, moderate and high intensity levels but determining what is right for you and how to fit it in to weekly routine takes expert advice.  Did you know high intensity training can impair mental function as well as actually decreasing your fitness levels?  Did you know that food, sleep and environment will determine whether its impact is positive or negative?


Your working environment, your home environment and how much time you spend outdoors, all impact on mental performance both directly and indirectly.   We can control our environment much more easily than we believe and how we spend our weekends, who we exercise with or without, how much time we spend on our tablets are just a few examples of the things that can have a material impact on our mental performance.  Our brains deal with thousands of sensory messages coming at it each day and by creating the right personal eco-system, we can make sure our “inbox” is not overloaded. 

A typical day

The events run over two or three nights and after the first evening introduction and overview of the Personal Eco-System and optimum human performance, a typical day will look like this:

8am – Nutrition expert talks briefly about nutrition, how it impacts mental function and how energy management is key. This usually ignites an hour of Q&A over a really great, healthy, balanced feast of a breakfast!

9.30am – We head on to the trail with at least 3 CHX team members. Lunch on a mountain. Discussion over lunch about the scientific research into environment and emotion.

4.30pm – Return to the luxury chalet for stretch and relaxation time.

6pm – Sleep expert talks for 20 minutes about the science of sleep, leads Q&A and discussion, as well as introduction of a game which will test powers of concentration.

7pm – Drinks followed by dinner, discussion about food on the table and the link between nutrition and sleep.

Q&A and Relaxation 

Accommodation and Travel

All CHX Performance events are held in the finest luxury chalets in the Chamonix valley or excellent group accommodation in the UK for those that need to stay closer to home.  All have first-class facilities for group discussion as well as relaxation.  Our chef prepares all meals fresh in the chalet or manor house.  

Getting to Chamonix could not be easier. You fly to Geneva which is a 75-minute flight from any London airport and 90 minutes from most places in the UK. Once you land you get a transfer straight to the chalet door which takes on average 60-75 minutes.  You can book the transfers directly through the link on this website.

In the UK we use lovely venues in Dorset and Scotland, both surrounded by stunning countryside and protected land.

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