Optimum Human Performance

Your personal Eco-System

CHX Performance Programmes are designed to help businesses and individuals unlock a higher level of mental performance by focussing on optimum human performance as the foundation for business performance.  The experiential learning events are aimed at developing business leaders, senior management and groups of high performers or high potentials; the people that drive company growth.  The seminar/workshops take the learning to the entire workforce. 

CHX combine current research into the impact on mental performance of Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Environment, translating often complex scientific findings into simple messages that enable participants to make informed choices and sustain change. The four “pillars” are brought together in one programme, recognising that they all depend on each other to achieve optimum results.



Your working environment, your home environment and how much time you spend outdoors, all impact on mental performance both directly and indirectly. We can control our environment much more easily than we believe and how we spend our weekends, who we exercise with or without, how much time we spend on our tablets are just a few examples of the things that can have a material impact on our mental performance. Our brains deal with thousands of sensory messages coming at it each day and by creating the right personal eco-system, we can make sure our “inbox” is not overloaded and we are able to go beyond just being able to cope. 



Food. What’s not to like?! The CHX approach to food is really simple and is based on enjoying healthy, balanced food – and plenty of it! Food is critical to mental function but there are many, many traps that people fall into through a few simple errors. Everyone is aware these days of the importance of protein, fats and carbohydrates, the dangers of sugar and the need to reduce alcohol (for many). But often we only consider our diets in terms of how we look and leave ourselves short at key times of day. If you eat for regulated energy levels and maximised mental function, your health and body weight will naturally readjust to optimum. With CHX you will learn exactly what that tastes like. 



Sleep is possibly the most important and least recognised contributor to mental performance of all four pillars. It is treated by many with varying degrees of disdain, despite being the most critical “event” in our working day. It is the time that our body (and vital organs) recover and regenerate, when you repair tissue, increase muscle mass, thicken your bones and strengthen your skin. It is also when you re-balance stress hormone levels and when the brain consolidates memory. Sleep is absolutely critical in business performance and just a few days of less than 6 hours per night can result in seriously impaired concentration, attention, judgement, decision-making and memory. And that is all before we consider the mid to long term health implications! 



Exercise is like a prescription drug; use it wisely or it can be hugely damaging. There are of course great benefits from exercise at low, moderate and high intensity levels but determining what is right for you and how to fit it in to weekly routine takes expert advice. Did you know high intensity training can impair mental function as well as actually decreasing your fitness levels? Did you know that food, sleep and environment will determine whether its impact is positive or negative?

What does it feel like to have your Personal Ecosystem right?

Andy Holmes, Global Sales Capability Director, RB (Reckitt Benckiser) takes 2 minutes to explain.

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